The Importance of a Logo

When you're driving down the street and you see a sign from a frequented store jump out at you, that is nothing other than a demonstration of the power of having a logo.

Higher Credibility

Why is having a logo so important? A logo should be designed in a manner that sets you apart from your competition and clearly defines you as your own individual brand. Without a logo, the credibility of your business is jeopardized and potential customers may find it harder to buy from you when there is no face to the entity trying to get their money.

Brand Loyalty

Customers will find it much easier to become and remain loyal to your brand if you have a logo. Sometimes, companies may change or update their logos in order to reflect some type of change or update that may have taken place in the company. While this may seem good for a company marketer, a consumer may not appreciate the change as they are now forced to look out for something different when searching for your brand.

Wider Brand Recognition

A well designed logo will use bright, eye-catching colors and may include images that are relevant to the product or service being offered. This will increase your brand's recognition. Complimentary colors really help draw the eyes of onlookers who may see your logo out in public or on the internet. Text should also be easy to read at long distances and should not take up an excessive amount of area on the logo itself. Fonts that are uneasy on the eye or have unsufficient space in between letters should be avoided. When a brand is easy to recognize, any products or services offered bearing that brand will be associated with one another.

More Customer Attraction

Visitors who see a fresh, attractive new brand in a niche they are interested in are much more likely to look into your brand out of curiosity. Your logo should have the ability to pique the curiosity of relevant visitors, eventually leading them to purchase your product or service in the near future. McDonalds' logo, for instance, uses two french fries as the bent golden arches and uses the color red (said to foster feelings of love and excitement in color psychology) in order to lure in hungry customers.

Wider Brand Outreach

Your logo is probably one of the most powerful marketing tools in your company's arsenal. Your logo can be placed on all of your marketing, packaging, products, social media, website, and more. This is way to advertise your message and brand consistently, whether it’s in-store, in your customers’ homes, online, etc. Essentially, your logo will be everywhere that you want it to be.

Any business can benefit from obtaining a logo. Without credibility backing your business, you are doing little more than running an expensive hobby. Invest in having a good logo created and your business will be on the right track to turning profits.

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