Turning Conversions into Sales

In the world of online sales and marketing, conversion rates are key to getting customers to increasing sales volume. The higher the conversion rate, the more money you can potentially make. However, there are many factors that go into increasing your conversion rate. Let's discuss a few points that should not be overlooked when it comes to increasing your chances to make money.

Convince Your Audience

Many business owners are convinced that they have given enough information on a product or service that they are offering. However, it tends to be the exact opposite in most instances. If you aren't sounding like a raving fanatic in your sales pitch, then your audience is far less likely to buy. Though it's true that roughly 85% of people won't read long scrolls of text, those people aren't the ones you're worried about--it's the 15% of people who will. That is your target audience. Once you have included enough information about a product, a potential buyer will pretty much convince themselves that they need your product or service. What does that mean for you? More sales.

Create a Sales Funnel

One of the most important tools in boosting conversions that lead to sales is creating a sales funnel. This is essentially the mechanism that you will be using in order to get people to eventually purchase your product or service. However, there can be a problem with doing this--many make the mistake of trying to get a sale too early without developing a relationship or trust with the customer. This can be detrimental, as many are not usually ready to buy immediately, and are just browsing instead. The goal is to appear to be the authority in your industry. This can be done by doing things such as offering free video content or helpful tips via email that help solve a problem or answer a question.

Build Trust

Sales guru Zig Ziglar once said that there are only 4 reasons why people won’t buy from you:

  • No money.

  • No hurry.

  • No need.

  • No trust.

Make yourself easy to contact. It is also important to make sure that your site looks professionally designed. Trust tends to be immediately broken at the sight of a disorderly webpage. Keeping content fresh and relevant is another way to strengthen the bond between you and those who may buy from you. Another mistake one must avoid is having errors of any kind on their webpages. No matter how small, this can take away from the credibility of your business or product. Be sure to look over every part of the website site often to ensure everything is in good order. Make claims easily verifiable and show that there is a real backing to your company. Though not much can be done about the first three reasons on this list, trust can always be built.

Remove Risk

When a customer is looking to buy from you, there are initiating a transaction, and with every transaction comes some risk. If the risk seems to be too much for the customer, you won't make a sale. That's why it's important to reduce or remove risk as much as possible. For example, a 30-day money back guarantee. That's one of the easiest ways to give the feeling that making a purchase is the right thing to do.

Convey Value

A very common mistake that most entrepreneurs make is simply not providing enough information on their product or service. Jam-pack your website with pages and pages of content, video and posts regarding your offer. If one reads all of the information provided about your offer and are still not convinced enough to make a purchase, then there is something wrong with your sales pitch. However, if one is convinced after reading just 1/4 of all the information provided, they can make their purchase immediately. A very large number of potential sales are lost due to inadequate information.

Offer Proof

If you are making big claims on your website, customers are most likely going to want to see proof. There are some easy ways to do this, such as:

  • Customer testimonials

  • Affiliate reviews

  • Video demos

If a customer can see what they are believing, you are much more likely to close a sale.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more!

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